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Honesty, fairness, openness, respect for and preservation of the territory and community, tutelage of our partners and health and security of the staff: these are the values in our Code of Ethics, around which Ediltecnica molds its professional and managing business. The Co-op takes to heart the principles and objectives expressed in the OCSE Guide Lines, an international document that explains and specifies a series of actions and principles towards social responsibility and sustainability that companies are expected to uphold in the interest of their stakeholders. In this sense, thanks to these Guidelines, we understand the importance of environmental preservation as well as the tutelage of health and security while working. Over the years these guide lines were adopted:

  • Quality Management System – ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System – ISO 14001
  • Security Management System – OHSAS 18001
  • Code of Ethics
  • Social Responsibility Policy



On July 2015, Ediltecnica signed up for the White List of the Ravenna Prefecture, meaning it became one of the suppliers, service providers and work executors not subject to mafia infiltrations as per Art. 1, comma from 52 to 57, of the Law n. 190/201; DPCM on 18 April 2013, in the Ravenna Prefecture. Later on it signed up for the White List dedicated to the Seismic Crater in the Prefecture of Ferrara so as to work on the post-seismic reconstruction in the Bologna, Mantua, Modena, Reggio-Emilia and Rovigo provinces.


Ediltecnica has decided to obtained certification for the international norms and standards as a testimony to its goodwill to follow concrete objectives towards sustainable development. These are the certifications currently owned by Ediltecnica: UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, SOA.: UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 SOA.




The international standard UNI EN ISO 9001 | The Quality Management System Certification, dictates the requirements for a functional and efficient Quality Management System. The norm promotes the enforcement and improvement of a quality management system so as to increase the satisfaction of the customers by respecting their wishes.
The CEE directives on procurements require that construction companies face with seriousness every quality and management problem, by evaluating technical and organizational skills objectively, with the goal of guaranteeing more “transparency” in the market of public procurement. The qualification of products, works, processes, as well as technological and organizational innovation becomes a great asset for the competitiveness of companies. Ediltecnica has implemented a Quality System so as to guarantee and keep efficient business management to satisfy the needs, expectations and contractual specifications of its customers. The Quality System is focused on productivity and commercial issues as well as the management of resources and supplies. Quality in itself is an adjustment to laws to make companies more competitive and this influences the control on design and constructing processes, as well as on the expenses. Quality is obtained when your workers are well trained and supervised by construction site engineers with the common goal of offering the best products and services to their customers, to obtain fidelity and respect, and exceed their expectations. Constant focus on research and technological advancement, and continuous adjustments to the management of computers systems, are all distinctive elements of a wealth of technical knowledge acquired through the years as well as a powerful asset for a trusted company.
In line with the ever changing instances of the market it operates in and the need for a constantly updated dynamic system, Ediltecnica’s management of this Quality System relies on an improvement plan that outlines the ever evolving objectives and stocks, and envisions a detailed analysis of the pointer trends, constant gauging of the customer satisfaction, as well as a regular observation and revision of the procedures with Internal Inspection Checks, to reveal eventual problems, periodically revised within the Review of the Direction.




The international standard  UNI EN ISO 14001  | | The Certification for the Environmental Management, is an international standard for environmental management (SGA) that defines the requirements an organization needs to have in case they want to work in accordance with the law, on significant environmental projects.
Ediltecnica works for the good of and with respect for the environment.
The carefully selected products and services, and the attention in using sustainable resources while minimizing waste reflects our dedication to work in compliance with today’s environmental laws while being ready for the challenges of tomorrow.
In the field of the restoration of Cultural Assets, Ediltecnica follows the Green Restoration principles, by creating technical-operational solutions and energy-efficient procedures for a minor impact on the environment, while at the same time doing a state-of-the-art restoration of the piece being worked upon.

As a confirmation to this Ediltecnica can boast an engineering company, the NCC Sas, among it associates, which is part of the Green Building Council of Italy





The Security Management System refers to the standard OHSAS 18001 | The Certification for the management of the system for Occupational Health and Security, is an international standard that details all the requirements for a healthy and secure workplace, obtained by complying with the legal requirements and being informed on the inherent risks of the SSLL.
In accordance with the new legal provisions introduced by the L. Decree 81/2008 and the subsequent modifications and additions pursuant to L. Decree 106/2009, we nominated a Chief of Prevention and Protection as well as a Competent Physician; we drafted the Risk Assessment Document, Emergency and Evacuation Plan, Security and Coordination Plan and lastly the necessary Security Operating Plans. Ediltecnica is extremely thorough regarding rules about Safety at Work, both for employees and workers as well as partners and subcontracted companies, who are required to follow the rules, and have a documentary check in the work site. As for the staff, seeing the importance of this theme and the risks linked to it, health monitoring is of utmost concern for us pursuant to Provision 99/CU of 30 October 2007. In the same way we intend to continue the updating, education and training of our staff.



Ediltecnica owns the SOA certificate, a necessary and sufficient document to demonstrate, during a tender, the capacity of the company to perform publics works directly or through a subcontract; this demonstrates how the company satisfies the requirements of the current legislation in the field of Public Contracts for works. Ediltecnica holds the following certificates in the SOA categories:

OG 1 Civil and industrial buildings V
OG 2 Restoration and maintenance of immovable property protected by the laws on public and environmental goods III
OG 3   Roads, motorways, bridges, viaducts, railways, railway lines, subways, funicular railways, airport lanes and complementary works III – BIS
OS 3 Water-health facilities, kitchens and laundries II
OS 6 Trims on general works with wood, plastic, metallic and glass materials III – BIS
OS 7   Trims for general works of construction and technical nature III
OS 28 Heating and conditioning systems I
OS 30 Internal electrical, telephone, radiotelephonic and television systems I
OS 2-A Decorated surfaces of real estate of cultural heritage and mobile cultural heritage of historical, artistic, archaeological and ethno-anthropological interest I





Ediltecnica has deemed the adoption and implementation of the Organizational Model for Management and Control pursuant to L. Decree 231/2001, as an important instrument for the reinforcement of our moral conduct that takes inspiration from working in the lawfulness and transparency of economic activity, something coherent with our mission and ethical-social values.
In this sense, Ediltecnica has developed a plan to apply the provisions of L. Decree 231/2001, starting with an evaluation of the risks stemming from the crimes described, followed by a detailed analysis of its own organizational set-up and concluded with the implementation of the Model.
All suppliers, partners, subcontractors and collaborators are invited during the definition of the contracts, to formally adhere to the laws and conduct procedures specified by the Model in the clause, and that in case of their violation, the contractual relationship will be immediately terminated.
We have created a corporate Inspection Body, whose duty is the analysis and overseeing of the internal working procedures, and the efficiency, adequacy and compliance of the Model adopted so as to prevent crimes that would involve the Coop, in accordance with the directives of L. Decree no. 231/2001