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Who we are

Ediltecnica is a General Contractor consortium with over 70 years
of experience in the building field and with strong specialization in
preservative restoration and maintenance, both in Italy and abroad.
The high level of competence in the valorization of heritage buildings,
allows Ediltecnica to operate in all the activities of the chain: the drilling
and reinforcement, archaeological excavations, construction site
operations, diagnostic analyses, architectural-structural rehabilitation,
fine art restoration management and maintenance of the plants. All of
the above- mentioned providing state-of-the art and best practices,
in compliance with the environmental and energy sustainability
The Consortium is founded on a vertically integrated structure,
which includes all the competences required in the various and
complementary business areas.
The combination of the different abilities of young collaborators and

long-term experienced technicians has made possible the development
of all the necessary professionalism in the various actions areas.
Ediltecnica’s key strength is the ongoing communication between
experience and technology: the experience in work site management,
technology related to new investigation methods and the most
advanced restorations techniques.
The company is attentive to its personnel’s continuous professional
updating on work site safety and pays particular attention to project
planning to comply the delivery deadlines. Thanks to its staff,
Ediltecnica guarantees the client the possibility of relating with a
single-source supplier for the diagnostic analysis, the design and the
execution developed with accuracy and promptness from start to
Ediltecnica was established in 1946 in Ravenna.
Just like the pieces of Ravenna’s mosaics, our technicians, craftsmen
and workforce collaborate to create value and leave a sign with a
unique recognizable style, related to the true passion for Heritage.


Our company is composed of people and through the knowledge of each individual we continuously evolve and aim at new targets.

Collaboration and synergy, enterprising spirit and creativity are fundamental for the company. Technicians and operators represent the first resource of a reality which wants to perform the change.


We are constantly committed to performing our work at best.
We want to maintain the efficacy, integrity and functionality of the buildings, not for economic reasons but also to guarantee high quality lifestyle.
This can be carried through in total harmony with the environment to preserve  and valorize the historical and architectural company heritage of our land.