Dec 15, 2017 / by Francesco Montelli / Comments are off for this post

Ediltecnica treasures a deep and precious experience, which is the
result of many years of activity in the field of monumental restoration
of renovating precious historical buildings.
There is an extraordinary alchemy of high-profile competences:
the master-craftsmen, restorers and technicians contribute to the
valorization of historical constructions fostering a fruitful workshop
in continuous evolution. All this is supported by the search for avant-
garde technologies applied to conservative restoration and structural
consolidation, the use of innovative materials, methods and by a
continuous dialogue with universities, building restoration schools,
institutions and associations.
Ediltecnica’s team includes architects, engineers, art historians,
restorers, archaeologists and field experts and has the most updated
technological equipment and information management software. Our
laboratory experiments and engineers innovative materials, produces
in-house most of the diagnostic analyses, elaborates information
into BIM documents and conservation plans through management
software programs such as STR-PLANET and SICaR.
Through a in-depth diagnostic analysis and with the use of the
most advanced restoration techniques, it is possible to operate in
a more precise and effective way. Both during the preliminary and
executive phases, complex architectural-structural and post-seismic
reconstruction interventions are faced with an engineering approach
offering experience and competence, turning ideas into executive
design documents for the management of the building process