Dec 18, 2017 / by Francesco Montelli / Comments are off for this post

The construction field for the tertiary industry has undergone in the last years a strong transformation due to the growth of new sectors and to the affirmation of highly specialized chains with innovative technological contents. Therefore, it is increasingly important to offer specialized experts to manage and ensure the complexity of the interventions, while always guaranteeing the use of the best technologies, especially with regards to safety, quality and restraint of energy consumptions. In this perspective Ediltecnica offers its services for the design, building, extension, renewal or efficiency of production plants and logistic premises. During the construction of the building, the consortium elaborates the Maintenance Plan together with the BIM and AS-BUILT documentation, to make the management of the building easier and correct during its life cycle.
Ediltecnica constructs buildings with a high technical content that require a high level of professionalism and specific competencies; thanks to the vast experienced gained, it can objectively evaluate the global cost of each intervention.
Ediltecnica avoids correcting evaluations during the works, as this could imply an increase of the times and costs